Current research assistants

Felix Binder

Felix Binder is a student research assistant for the Einstein Group. He is currently finishing up his bachelor degree in philosophy and computer science at Freie Universität Berlin. He is interested in cognitive architecture and the relation of cognition, body and the environment. You can find his website here.


 Corinna Kühnapfel completed her bachelor degree in Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück and critically discussed the approach of neuroaesthetics for visual art in her bachelor’s thesis. Within the scope of her internship at the Association of Neuroesthetics, she also works with the research assistants at the Einstein Group. She is interested in aesthetic experience in different forms of art and its underlying cognitive, neural and affective mechanisms. 

Former research assistants


Giulia completed her bachelor degree in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Trento and she is currently finishing the Middle European interdisciplinary master programme in Cognitive Science (University of Vienna). Her main research interests are the interplay between emotions, mental imagery and visual perception, and how these processes are related to the aesthetic experience. In addition to her work as research assistant, she is carrying out her master thesis within the group. 

George Neish

George Neish is currently working on an MA at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain. His main interests include questions about subjectivity, agency and the self that arise from seeing cognition as embedded in a social/material context. More generally, he is interested in ways of combining phenomenology with contemporary cognitive scientific approaches to help understand what humans and other animals think, feel and do. 

Laura Wallor

Laura Wallor has been the Einstein Group's student assistant for the last two years and has been responsible for any organizational work. She is currently finishing her Master at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain and working on the effect of language on thought.


Claudia Winklmayr started working as a research assisitant for the Einstein Group in April 2017. She studied Philosophy and Technical Mathematics in Vienna and is currently pursuing her master degree in Computational Neuroscience at the Bernstein Center Berlin. She is interested in perception and cognition in humans and machines.