Conference on Experimental Moral Psychology and Philosophy

November 20, 2016


Berlin School of Mind and Brain

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

(Humboldt Graduate School)

Luisenstrasse 56, Haus 1

10117 Berlin



How to get there by public transport:

The closest stations are ‘Hauptbahnhof’ (national & local trains, TXL bus from airport Tegel, S-Bahn), ‘Oranienburger Tor’ (U-Bahn), and ‘Friedrichstraße’ (S-Bahn and U-Bahn). Bus No 147 stops at ‘Luisenstraße/Charité’ near our building.



Program (for abstracts see here)


10.00 – 10.45      Lara Pourabdolrahim (Berlin): When the bad effect is a murder: A unifying                                    account for moral life-death dilemmas*


10.45 – 11.30      Kevin Reuter (Bern): No knowledge required: On the norms of assertion*


Short coffee break


11.45 – 12.30      Pascale Willemsen (Bochum): I must although I can't!? A pragmatically                                          grounded two-level theory of ‘ought implies can’*


12.30 – 13.15      Alexander Wiegmann (Göttingen): Morally irrelevant factors and moral                                          intuitions*


Lunch break


14.30 – 15.30      Adina Roskies (Hanover, New Hampshire): Moral enhancement: Can and                                      should we do it?


Coffee break


16.00 – 17.30      Katharina Anna Helming (Leipzig) and Maureen Sie (Leiden): Sharing                                            responsibility.The importance of tokens of appraisal



17.30 – 18.30      Julia Christensen (London): Moral dilemmas reloaded


*Participation restricted to workshop attendants and Mind and Brain students