The Visual Science of Art Conference

august 25-27, 2017

Organized by Claus-Christian Carbon (U Bamberg) & Joerg Fingerhut (HU Berlin)


Berlin School of Mind and Brain

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

(Humboldt Graduate School)

Luisenstrasse 56, Haus 1

10117 Berlin

Festsaal and Rooms 144/123/122


The Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC) was established in 2012 by Professor Baingio Pinna in Alghero/Italy. Its main focus is to better connect the communities of visual scientists and artists in order to deepen our understanding of aesthetic phenomena. The VSAC is an ideal venue to debate and collaborate on all topics associated with the perception and evaluation of artworks. 


From its beginnings the VSAC has been organized as a satellite conference of the ECVP (European Conference on Visual Perception), the leading European conference on visual science.


VSAC and its sister conference ECVP have been hosted each year in different, vibrant cities all over Europe. Starting in 2012 in Alghero/ Italy, subsequent meetings were organized in Belgrade/ Serbia (2014), Liverpool/ UK (2015) and Barcelona/ Spain (2016).


The fifth installment of the VSAC (Visual Science of Art Conference) will be held in Berlin, Germany. Organized again as a satellite conference to the visual planet ECVP (European Conference on Visual Perception), the VSAC invites all people that connect visual perception and the arts (e.g., empirical, experimental, philosophical, phenomenological, computational approaches). Come to the center of Berlin, be part of the VSAC & enjoy three great days together with scientists, artists and with people who are fascinated by aesthetic phenomena.


For more information on program, venue and registration see the official VSAC-website.