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Aus Fingerhut, Joerg: "Perspektive, Komplexität und Leere in der japanischen und europäischen Tradition. Empirischer Ästhetik und die Bildfrage"

Conference "Impure perception"

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Dustin Stokes (Utah): Attention and the cognitive penetration of perception

Bence Nanay (Antwerp): Perception as controlled mental imagery

Panos Athanasopoulos (Lancaster): The Whorfian warp: perception through the           language glass

Anna M. Borghi (Bologna, Rome): Motor and linguistic contaminations of perception: from object affordances to abstract concepts

Sally Linkenauger (Lancaster): Welcome to wonderland: A body-based approach to the scaling of perceived extents

Jesse Prinz (New York, Berlin): The social construction of perception

Einstein Workshop Oct 24, 2015

Hong Yu Wong (Tübingen): Owning my body  

Dustin Stokes (Salt Lake City): Rich perceptual content and aesthetic                                       properties  




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