Einstein Inaugural Workshop

“Consciousness, Emotions, Values”               Jun 29 - Jul 01, 2015


The first Einstein Workshop was planned as a first meeting for the fellows with each of them giving a presentation about their work related to the workshop's core topics, aesthetics and morality.



15:30     Hong Yu Wong (Tübingen): On the Possibility of Empirical Aesthetics

16:30     Joerg Fingerhut (Berlin): Levels of Engagement with Works of Art

19:30     Jesse Prinz (New York): Is Art an Evolutionary Adaptation or a Recent Invention?

                Introduction by Horst Bredekamp & Michael Pauen




10:30     Martin Troendle (Friedrichshafen): Affordances in the Museum Environment

11:30     Ana Tajadura-Jiménez (London): TBA

13:30     Helmut Leder (Vienna): Nature of the Aesthetic Experience: Theory and Data

15:00     Bence Nanay (Antwerp): Aesthetic Attention and Aesthetic Imagery

16:00     Eva Weber-Guskar (Berlin): Awe as an Aesthetic Emotion in the Experience of                                Contemporary Art


17:30     Art Event & Guided Tour: Boros Bunker (1.5h)



09:30     Maureen Sie (Rotterdam): Moral Hypocrisy, Affect and the Mechanisms of our                              Conscience

11:00     Lara Pourabdolrahim (Berlin): The Doctrine of Double-Effect in Theory and Practice

12:00     Katharina Anna Helming (Trier): Sleeping With the Enemy:  Moral Identity and Social                    Distance


14:30     Art Event and Discussion with  Tino Sehgal (Martin Gropius Bau)

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