Current Projects

The Berlin einstein group

  • The Berlin Einstein Group is currently setting up an online study to test different aspects of art appreciation related to wonder, interest, and insight.
  • Joerg Fingerhut is currently working on a paper on the role of cultural artifacts in the philosophy of mind and on embodied aesthetic engagement and art appreciation.
  • Jesse Prinz is preparing a book on wonder as the emotion that underlies all our aesthetic appreciation.

Berlin Group and Fellows

  • Katrin Heimann & Joerg Fingerhut: How does our habituation to the optic flow of film alter our perceptual states? Can we become perceptually habituated to filmic means that are initially perceived as a strong violation? How does the violation of perceptual expectancies figure in our aesthetic evaluation of movies?

associated researchers (Einstein-related work)

  • Javier Gomez-Lavin (June/July 2015, June/July 2016, January/February and June/July 2017, June-September 2019) is working on moral and aesthetic aspects of personal identity.
  • Aenne Brielmann (scholarship August 2016 and July/August 2017) is working on different models of beauty.

Fellows & Fellows (Einstein-Related work)

  • Katharina Anna Helming & Maureen Sie are investigating the relationship between eye-gaze as a social cue, identity and moral judgments.
  • Eva Weber-Guskar is working on how wonder might be the beginning of every philosophical question and consideration. But does a work of art have to make us wonder in order to be called a work of art at all? I think it does not. Alternatively, I want to defend a pluralistic account of art. Therein I focus on the emotion of aesthetic awe as one of several attitudes that the reception of and the engagement with works of art can elicit.