Jesse Prinz

Jesse Prinz is the Einstein Visiting Fellow 2015-2017 at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, visiting the Berlin Group on a regular basis to participate in research meetings and teachings in the doctoral program of the School. He is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Prinz is interested in how the mind works and how philosophical accounts of the mental can be informed by findings from psychology, the neurosciences, anthropology, and related fields. His research interests include emotion, consciousness, cultural cognition, concepts, perception, moral psychology, and aesthetics.  Much of his work is a continuation of the classical empiricist tradition, which emphasizes the role of perceptual experience and socialization in grounding our cognitive capacities.  Prinz is author of over 100 articles, and several books, including: Furnishing the Mind, Gut Reactions, The Emotional Construction of Morals, The Conscious Brain, and Beyond Human Nature. Two other books, Works of Wonder and The Moral Self are forthcoming, and a book on social construction is in progress. For more information consult his personal website.