Overview: "Emotion, Values, & Experience"

The purpose of this project is to promote research and collaborations on three linked topics: emotion, values, and experience, along with their interconnections. Key questions include: How do emotions contribute to decision-making? How do we form moral and aesthetic values? And, how does experience related to embodiment? The project is also concerned with the interrelations between the core topics. For example: How are values informed by emotions? How do values influence perceptual experience? And, are there distinctive kinds of evaluative experiences, such as those we have when responding to art?


These and other core questions will be explored by a group of experts who exchange ideas, collaborate, and participate in the rich intellectual life at Humboldt-Universität’s Berlin School of Mind and Brain. The project members include the Einstein Visiting Fellow (Jesse Prinz, based in New York), a postdoctoral fellow and stipend-funded researcher(s) (based in Berlin), and a group of rotating international members, who join the group for meetings and conferences. The researchers for these positions will be chosen for their expertise in the project themes, as well as their ability to speak across disciplinary boundaries.


Each year there are publicly advertised conferences relating to the core themes, as well as smaller workshops and talks. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinarity. The project members include philosophers who engage in neuroscience and psychology and researchers working in empirical fields with a philosophical orientation. Collaborative experimental work is also being supported.